February 17, 2017


  1. It’s A Date!

Before you book your wedding date, remember to double check whether your preferred date clashes with nearby planned events such as football matches or sports events which could seriously affect your guests’ travel plans, or limit local room availability.


Know ahead of time if your wedding date falls on the same day as a trade conference, charity walk, or other local event that could affect traffic and hotel room availability.




  1. Organisation is Key

Get organized and make sure all your wedding correspondence, key dates, reminders and balances due are all in one key location, The best way to do this is to establish a dedicated email address designated solely to your wedding day and honeymoon planning. Social Media Apps such as Pinterest are savvy tools to create an online ‘pinboard’ of the styles and inspiration behind your wedding day planning.


To Do List


Remember the all-important questions to ask your Wedding Venue of choice:


  1. Check out the Fine Print.

What exactly is included in the all-inclusive Wedding Day Package?

Make a list of the key things you would like answers to. For example, how many glasses of wine does each guest receive? Does the package include an onsite entertainment package such as a DJ or dancefloor and lighting? Is a light buffet or hot snacks for your Evening Reception included in the price?

Remember to look fully around your proposed venue. Review the key areas your guests will access on the day such as men’s and women’s restrooms (always a key indicator of the style and feel of a venue we feel), the Reception and its ease of use, and of course, the hotel grounds and main rest areas such as hotel lobby, dining room and lounge. Everything adds up to complete either a positive or negative impression for your wedding guests.

  1. The Journey

If your guests are travelling from around the country to celebrate with you on your special day, another important consideration is the ease of access to your hotel from the main motorway networks or railway connections. Remember to check out your guests travel requirements ahead of the big day and plan accordingly.

In the lead up to the Wedding Day itself, research and account for any recent changes to travel options to your hotel and update your guests appropriately.


Really Important – have a key contact list that you entrust to either your Chief Bridesmaid or Best Man on the day itself. That way, if any issue crops up with delivery of key wedding day supplies or services or non-or late arrival of guests, you will have a direct line those that matter to try to resolve any issues quickly and without it inadvertently affecting your day.


  1. Remember the Little Details

Remembering the little details that will make your guest’s day that little easier and taking your individual guests’ needs into consideration will go a long way to…. These may include:


  • Children’s Activity Books to keep the little ones entertained during the all important wedding breakfast speeches.
  • A fully supervised crèche for the little ones to allow Mum and Dad to truly relax and enjoy the party
  • Flip flops for the ladies’ tired dancing feet
  • A compendium of Restroom aids: Headache tablets, Alka-Seltzer, deodorant, sanitary wear, fresh breath mints, suncream for those sunny outdoor wedding celebrations.
  • A quiet room for your older guests away from the noisy Wedding Reception revelry.
  • Warm, snuggly blankets and personalized sparklers to wrap up in to watch the end of the night celebratory firework display.



Finally, on the big day itself, kick back and relax, safe in the knowledge that you have prepared accordingly and what will be will be….