April 3, 2016


A Professional Wedding Photographer

A straightforward, without argument ‘must have’, engaging a professional wedding photographer to document and record all the special moments of your day is a no brainer. If you have worked hard to save and plan for the most important day of your life, why now let an amateur loose with your wedding day photography.

Engaging the services of a professional wedding photographer will ensure those special moments and the story of your wedding day is captured on film for you and your family to treasure for years to come. Remember to organize several planning meetings with your preferred photographer in the lead up to your day to work through the style of images you love and to ensure your photographer understands the plans for the day and which images they need to capture.


Professional photography


A Weather Plan B

Whatever your choice of wedding venue or time of year planned for your wedding, it is always wise to have a Plan B when it comes down to the unpredictable British weather.

If it is sunny and beautiful, all well and good. Your wedding day photographs and pre-dinner drinks on the lawn are secure. If not, what are the options? Check out the alternative locations within your hotel grounds for photographs. Perhaps your venue has a fantastic statement staircase for example or a beautiful stone fireplace or stained glass window to frame your pictures.

If unsure, speak to your Wedding Event Coordinator to find out your options should the weather turn sour.


A Wedding with Personality

From the wedding ceremony itself to the after party there are many ways you can inject some of your personality as a couple into your special day. Look at what is important to you both as a couple – your likes and dislikes, your interests and past experiences and inject elements of these throughout your day. Below are some examples are how this can be done:

  • You do not have to just settle for the traditional wedding vows – why not write your own? Now is the perfect time to tell your partner just how much you love them and what you hold dear.


  • Inject some wedding WOW factor with sophisticated and elegant venue dressing, statement flowers and table centerpieces but think of ways to add personality to your décor too. Perhaps you both have a love of travel and foreign places. Table centres denoting previously visited cities or countries and a memento from each place on table centres work well. Or perhaps you are big music lovers and each table can represent an album cover or music track?


  • Beautiful and carefully thought out lighting can bring a sense of ambience and romance to your celebrations. Mood lighting such as uplighters, bespoke lighting spelling out your newly married name or a special phrase you hold dear can bring a sense of individuality to your Wedding Reception and add personality to your décor.


  • If you are considering a themed wedding – perhaps you have a love of an iconic book or film – such as Alice in Wonderland – be careful how you introduce this theme into your wedding décor. Overly themed weddings can run the risk of appearing tacky and of course, over time may date. Remember to keep it simple. For example, introducing a traditional afternoon tea into your Wedding Reception with beautifully intricate sandwiches, cupcakes and scones and dainty china can be a great nod to the Alice in Wonderland theme.


Afternoon Tea


Emergency Contingency Funds

Entrust your Chief Bridesmaid or Best Man with both money for any emergencies that may crop up and a list of emergency contact numbers for all your key suppliers on the day. That way, you can relax in the knowledge that if any unexpected situation arises, your right hand man (or girl) has it covered!

And, those time honoured traditions that you may simply do away with…


Bridal Veil

Who says the bride should wear a veil on her wedding day? With modern day bridal hair accessories such as crystal combs, headbands and pins; wearing the traditional bridal veil and tiara can seem somewhat dated. Let your dress and hair piece do the talking instead.

Bridal veil



If you are looking to keep a control on the finances, do you need the five bridesmaids plus Auntie Sue’s darling Tom as your obligatory pageboy too? Perhaps your best friend from year dot as Chief Bridesmaid will be ok?


Wedding Favours

No guest ever remembered a truly great wedding for its amazing wedding favours. Ditch this dated tradition and save yourself a fair few pennies into the bargain too. We guarantee they will not be missed.


Formal Sit Down Wedding Breakfast

A formal wedding day breakfast can seriously add to your Wedding Day budget and can sometimes feel a little too formal and stuffy. Investigate your venue’s options for alternative dining and keep things relaxed. Options may include a summer barbeque, hog roast, or hot buffet for your guests. Some hotels will also allow certain outside caterers in to provide other dining options for your day.