November 21, 2016


The ethereal and enchanting New Forest alters and changes shape with the advent of each new season. Every season brings different things to view and delight. Come and stay at Heartland and whilst enjoying a relaxing stay amongst friends, explore the acres of forest and discover the magic this beautiful area has to offer throughout the seasons.


Spring flowers in the forest


Spring is a wonderful season to visit the Forest; where the birth of many of its native animals can be seen. Wildlife to be seen include otters, deer, and even badgers with many newborn animals seen in abundance during this time of year. Of course, the Forest is renowned for its native free roaming ponies and pigs also, and these are a must see whilst visiting this special place.


Explore the abundance of flora and fauna that springs to life from late spring to mid-summer throughout the forest.


With the advent of the balmier weather, a popular activity during the summer season is of course walking or cycling along one of the many walking or cycling routes that weave their way throughout the Forest. Be sure to check out the local guides in regards to the level of difficulty or skill required for each route and pack plenty of water for the ride. A great family activity, this is one of the best ways to see the forest to the full.


Summer in the forest



With the Autumnal weather and the transition of summer into autumn, the Forest truly does come alive with colour. Crisp, cooler mornings and the dappled light of early afternoon into dusk makes this the perfect time for budding photography enthusiasts to visit. With an abundance of evergreen trees displaying their autumnal colours to perfection, this really an ideal moment to capture the beauty of this stunning corner of the world.


During the Autumn season, don’t forget to check out the New Forest Walking Festival; where you can take part in guided walks around the Forest.


Autumn in the forest



Lovers of magical winter walks through beautiful natural landscapes will find much to offer in the Forest during the Winter season. With a touch of snow on the branches and a chill in the air, the forest exudes a certain magical aura at this festive time of the year. Wrap up warm and escape the summer throngs and enjoy the peace and solitude of the woodland as you meander along one of the popular walking routes.


Winter Forest